End of China lighting industry brand conference 2018

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2019-01-16 14:45:00

On the afternoon of December 26, "exhibition of brand power and establishment of industry model - 2018 China lighting industry brand conference" was held in the state banquet hall of dengdu ancient town and Star Alliance. Experts at the meeting said that brand is the core competitiveness of the industry development, promoting the high-quality development of the industry and promoting the formation of a strong domestic market are the key tasks of the lighting industry in the new year.

Liu Jianhui, Secretary of the Party committee of Guzhen Town, said at the meeting that in 2018, Guzhen Town will focus on building high-quality lighting brands and promote the site identification of Guzhen Town lighting source. By adopting the advanced standards, improving the management system, strengthening the brand integrity and establishing the supervision system of the traceability mechanism, we should create a brand that can improve the quality of the brand. It has been successfully launched as a national market procurement trade mode pilot, enjoying the support policies such as VAT exemption policy, promoting the efficient and convenient flow of new foreign trade formats, and expanding the international influence of ancient town lighting brands.

In recent years, the lighting professional committee of China Lighting Appliance Association and Guzhen Lighting newspaper have taken brand building as the requirements of transformation and upgrading of lighting industry. It has successfully held three sessions of China lighting industry brand conference, which has formed a certain influence in the industry.

Chen Yansheng, chairman of China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, called on enterprises in lighting industry to pay attention to product quality. He said that the lighting industry, like the domestic economic development, has changed from high-speed development to stable development. In the past ten years, LED lighting has replaced traditional lighting, from high-speed development to high-quality development. Brand is equal to product quality to a certain extent.

Ren Xingzhou, director of the market economy Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, delivered a keynote speech on the current domestic and foreign economic situation and macro policy orientation. He said that the development of lighting industry is closely related to the national macroeconomic development. The characteristics of the economic operation in 2018 are as follows: first, overall stable and steady progress; second, economic growth with changes in stability; third, economic development with difficulties in stability; fourth, macro-economy with risks in stability. Therefore, the key tasks related to lighting industry in 2019 are: promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry; promoting the formation of a strong domestic market; accelerating the reform of economic system; and promoting the all-round opening up.

Ren Xingzhou pointed out that China's development has enough resilience and huge potential, and the long-term economic growth will not change. China's development will be in an important period of strategic opportunities for a long time. We should closely follow this new connotation, speed up the optimization and upgrading of economic structure, enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, deepen reform and opening up, accelerate green development, and meet the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China with better achievements.

Tang Guoqing, director of the semiconductor lighting professional committee of China Lighting society, delivered a speech on "ten discussions on New Year". He said that this year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 15th anniversary of the development of semiconductor lighting. It is led that gives Chinese enterprises the opportunity to reach the top of the world. Therefore, the lighting industry has reason to be confident and proud. There must be continuous technological breakthroughs in the industrial chain.

As a member of the lighting industry, Sun Yue, chairman of Suntory, said that the international trade of lighting industry entered a contraction period in 2018. China is in a complex situation, such as the downturn of real estate industry, the decline of macro-economic growth rate, fierce competition in the industry, difficulties in the transformation of traditional lighting industry, the closure and bankruptcy of a large number of small and micro lighting enterprises, the disruption of the inherent order of the market by consumption upgrading and shifting, the emergence of new consumption hot spots, the enhancement of consumers' brand intention, the market entering the stage of reshuffle and contraction, and the strong rise of powerful brands.

Sun Yue said that Chinese lighting enterprises should clearly realize that under the crisis, only the strong survive, modern lights will usher in long lost development opportunities, the LED era is the spring of intelligent lighting, original design and independent innovation become the mainstream of the market, and plagiarism will become a rat in the street.

Cao Lihui, editor in chief of Guzhen Lighting newspaper, summed up ten key words in 2018 from the perspective of "products, market and industry": full category, intelligent lighting, lighting show, factory purchase, benchmarking market, hardbound room, consumption upgrading (grading), new retail, double 11 and original.

He said that 2018 is the saddest year in a decade and the best in the next decade. In the future, the era of consumer sovereignty, the era of distributor sovereignty and the era of separation of production and marketing will be the ultimate goal of industry transformation and upgrading.

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End of China lighting industry brand conference 2018
2019-01-16 14:45:00
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