What are the types of lamps? How to match furniture style?

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2018-06-12 16:15:00

When choosing lamps and lanterns, we should first have an understanding of lamps, then we can easily match furniture. What are the types of lamps and lanterns? How to match furniture style? The following nine is lighting network to explain for you, let's have a look.

1、 What are the types of lamps

1). Ceiling lamp

The commonly used ceiling lamps are square cover ceiling lamp, pointed flat circle ceiling lamp, small rectangular hood ceiling lamp, semicircular ball ceiling lamp, round ball ceiling lamp, semi flat ball ceiling lamp, etc. Ceiling lamp is suitable for lighting in living room, kitchen, bedroom and toilet. Small footprint, bright and comfortable.

2). Floor lamp

Floor lamp is often used as local lighting, not comprehensive, but emphasizes the convenience of moving, which can create a good atmosphere for the corner. If the lighting mode of floor lamp is direct downward projection, it is suitable for reading and other activities requiring concentration. If it is indirect lighting, the overall light change can be adjusted. The lower edge of the lamp cover of the floor lamp should be more than 1.8m above the ground.

3). Spotlight

Spotlight can be placed around the ceiling or furniture, can also be placed in the wall, skirt or skirting line. The light directly irradiates on the household utensils that need to be emphasized, so as to highlight the subjective aesthetic function and achieve the artistic effect of highlighting the key points, rich levels, unique environment, rich atmosphere and colorful artistic effect. Spotlight light soft, elegant, can not only play a leading role in the overall lighting, but also local lighting, setting off the atmosphere.

4). Yuba

Yuba is divided into bulb infrared heating Yuba and air heater heating Yuba according to heating methods. The market is mainly bulb infrared heating Yuba. According to the function, it can be divided into three in one Yuba and two in one Yuba. The three in one Yuba has lighting, heating and ventilation functions; the two in one Yuba has only lighting and heating functions.

5). Energy saving lamp

The brightness and life of the energy-saving lamp is superior to that of the ordinary incandescent bulb. Energy saving lamps are U-shaped, spiral type, petal type, etc., with power ranging from 3 watts to 40 watts. The prices of energy-saving lamps with different models, specifications and origins vary greatly. Energy saving lamps can be installed in downlights, chandeliers and ceiling lamps. Generally, energy-saving lamps are not suitable for use in high temperature and high humidity environment.

2、 How to match furniture style with lamps

1). The color of Chinese style lamps and lanterns is relatively simple, and the use of color will also form a kind of contrast. The color in the decoration of new Chinese style is from cold to warm, the brightness is from light to dark, and the texture is from simple to complex. It is because of the characteristics of Chinese style with this sense of hierarchy that we can get a good visual effect. In collocation, we should pay attention to the integrity of decoration, such as series of wall lamp and ceiling lamp, and also pay attention to the matching with other household ornaments, otherwise it will appear incoherent and lack of aesthetic feeling.

2). Modern simple style lamps and lanterns have simple modeling and pay attention to practical function. Living room bedroom with geometric graphics or irregular graphics ceiling lamp, dining room with creative chandeliers to embellish, simple and full of personality, and then creative ornaments to decorate home, highlight their own unique taste, but also can improve the taste of the whole home.

3). European style lamps and lanterns in collocation have a lot of attention, the most important living room, can choose European style crystal chandelier, create a noble atmosphere feeling, bedroom can choose relatively small ceiling lamp, to create a warm and comfortable sleep atmosphere. The color of lamps and lanterns can be selected and matched according to the color of indoor walls, and the overall indoor coordination can also be increased.

The above are the types of lamps and lanterns? And how to match furniture style? I believe that you will have more understanding after reading it. The content is only for your reference, and I hope it can help you

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