Key points of purchasing bedside lamp

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What are the types of bedside lamps?

The bedside lamp can be divided into movable lamp and bedside lamp. In the evening, reading a newspaper under the bedside lamp, and then pouring a drink, there is a special sentiment. General bedside lamp, the light that sends out is very soft, and can make the whole room quiet, romantic, say they are the "night pearl" in the bedroom is not too much. Bedside lamp on the market popular species to divide, there are wall lamp, seat lamp, floor lamp and so on.

Wall lamp: wall lamp, this kind of bedside lamp should be installed when decorating, and will not be replaced easily after installation. Bedside wall lamp is mostly in the head of the bed on the left and right, the lamp holder can be moved generally, it is convenient for us to adjust the light when reading before going to bed. The choice of wall lamp should also adapt to the decoration style of bedroom.

Desk lamp seat lamp: seat lamp is a common bedside lamp, and many people are placed on the bedside table, so when buying the seat lamp, you should buy the lamp suitable for your bedroom according to the size, color and style of the bedside table. You can put one or two lamps symmetrically according to your preference.

Floor lamp: floor lamp can make the open bedroom add a warm. The scaffold material is mostly made of metal, spiral wood or natural materials. Lampshade and base should be coordinated with the bracket, and should not appear very abrupt. Choose a beautiful and generous floor lamp, is a good decoration.

Intelligent bedside lamp: intelligent bedside lamp can collect bedroom environment data, can remote control and change a variety of colors, the most important thing is that it can help you fall asleep quickly. It can also be set to turn on and off the light at a fixed time, turn off the light after delay and night light, and it can be automatically executed after setting. It is a good home assistant.

Bedside lamp

Key points for purchasing bedside lamp:

1、 Modeling

From the role of rendering atmosphere, bedside lamp should have a warm and romantic sentiment; from the practical point of view, bedside lamp should be able to meet the needs of reading and dressing. The best shape of bedside lamp is the combination of practicability and decoration! A suitable bedside lamp can make the whole space alive, and it is also the most distinctive in the bedroom.

2、 Hue

The lighting effect of bedside lamp should be bright and gentle, which can create a warm style. The light of bedside lamp tends to be gentle, mainly to fit people's psychological state at night. The dazzling light will only eliminate your sleepiness and make your eyes feel uncomfortable. The color of common bedside lamp should be suffused with warm color or neutral color, such as goose yellow, orange, milky white, etc.

3、 Light and shade

The color of bedside lamp should be soft, with warm color, neutral color best, light should not be too strong, even a little bit dark. In the middle of the night, too cold color, will let us feel lonely and fear; too bright color will arouse our mood, not conducive to rest and calm; it is best to adjust the light.

4、 Display

When putting bedside lamp, but also follow the principle of convenient use. If we are used to reading before going to bed, the light range of the bedside lamp should be slightly larger, that is, the bedside lamp should be higher than the posture we are used to reading. The switch of bedside lamp should be set in the place that can be easily controlled.

5、 Size

The selection of bedside lamp is generally based on the size of the room, the placement of furniture, the overall decoration style and personal needs to determine the type of lamp. Should not completely rely on their own personal preferences to choose bedside lamps, as a result, and the entire bedroom does not match the final results of the loss.

Bedside lamp

The above is what kind of bedside lamp has and the key points of bedside lamp purchase. The explanation will start here. The content is for your reference only, hoping to help you.

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Key points of purchasing bedside lamp
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